How can I recognize my purpose in God’s church?

How can I recognize my purpose in God’s church?

I’m glad you desire to know your purpose and calling in God’s church. Remember that the “church” can be the body of believers around the world, often called the “universal church”, as well as be the body of believers in a local area, often called the “local church”. Your purpose in the universal church is to respond to the “calling” of God to become a Christian and manifest Christian character to those around you (Ephesians 4:1-6). Your purpose in the local church is to respond to the “calling” of God by humbly serving the Lord through the exercising of your spiritual gift within the local church (Romans 12:3-6).

The ultimate aim is to “glorify” God, the Father, by “emulating” God, the Son, Jesus, in the “power” of God, the Holy Spirit. And, since the Father has given all authority to the Son (John 17:1-2) and the Holy Spirit recognizes the Son’s authority (John 16:13-15), then it’s all about Jesus! Therefore, more specifically, your purpose and calling is to be Christlike, allowing the character of Christ to be evident in your life and living. This is called the “mind of Christ” in Philippians 2:5 and actually means to have the “attitude of Christ”. Furthermore, the attitude of Christ is described in the verses that follow in the passage of Philippians 2:6-8. As you study these verses, they describe:

  1. v. 6 – The Selflessness of Christ
  2. v. 7 – The Servanthood of Christ
  3. v. 8 – The Submissiveness of Christ

So, your purpose and calling should be all about Jesus in that you are characterized as a person who is “selfless” and humble, a “servant” of God and others, and one who is “submissive” to the authority of God and those who God has placed over you.

May God bless you as you seek to live a purpose-driven life.