What does the Bible say about down syndrome?

What does the Bible say about down syndrome or other genetic and chromosomal abnormalities? My daughter has down syndrome and my husband and I were discussing this the other night. One point was that she was created perfectly, but Satan “messed around” and created a heart defect, feeding issues etc to tempt us and draw us away from God. Another point was that she was created the way she is and God made her this way to teach us.

The Bible is very clear on the creation of each human being, as seen in Psalm 139:13-17 and proves God’s providence in making each human being according to His will.

Before examining the passage from Psalm 139, please know that your daughter was created by God according to His will and He loves her very much. God does not make mistakes, thus your daughter is not a mistake. Normal is a relative term and what society may consider abnormal is only based on society’s standard of physical perfection. God’s standard of one’s physical makeup is totally up to Him and what He creates is perfect in His eyes.

Certainly, physical imperfection is a result of humanity’s fall into sin, but God even uses one’s physical imperfection to glorify Him as He makes “all things work together for good”. Even if a baby has a so-called birth defect, God can use it to reveal the true worth of a human being is his or her spirit, which can shine bright even if the body is broken (Genesis 3:1-11; Romans 8:28; 2 Corinthians 4:7).

In Psalm 139:13-17, the writer is acknowledging God’s perfect work of creating him. In verse 13, God is seen as forming and covering the baby in the mother’s womb, meaning that each embryo is designed and woven according to God’s will. In verse 14, the baby is said to be fearfully and wonderfully made and that this is a marvelous work of God. In verse 15, God is said to skillfully create each child, therefore not allowing for any mistakes. In verse 16, God is said to watch over the baby in the womb, even as the embryo is yet unformed and that God had planned the life of the child, even before he or she is born, thus proving God’s providence in babies being born as they are. In verse 17, God is said to have thoughts about each baby and these thoughts are precious and great in number.

So, be instructed and encouraged to know that God made your daughter exactly the way He destined her to be. Satan has had no power to cause her condition. God has made your daughter to be His special creation and has given her to you to love unconditionally, to accept unashamedly, and to find worth in undeniably. Actually, this is how every parent should treat their children, but sometimes it takes a child like your daughter to remind us of these virtues.

May God bless you as you rest in the unique creative work of God in your daughter’s life and may you rejoice in the opportunity to be God’s caregiver to her!