Time and Eternity (New Year’s Day, 2012)

Time and time again I stand with one foot in the past, one in the present,
and my eyes on eternity,
Pondering who I was, who I am, and who I am to be.

It’s in those times I need wisdom from the One Who placed me on this path of life,
So as to make sense of the days that come mixed with blessing as well as strife.

For all too often my past haunts me, my present taunts me,
And eternity is simply one big mystery.

So, Lord I pray, show me Your purpose, Your plan, Your progression of time
That I might see Your hand in this life of mine.

To see, by faith, that You’ve placed eternity in my heart,
To see that that’s where my pondering should really start.

That I should start looking beyond my days, my months, my years on earth
To the Day when time will end and the eternal will give birth…

Give birth to my existence in eternity
Where my true significance I will certainly see.

So as I step into yet another year,
Lord, give me faith to see and hear…

To see Your will, to hear your voice,
To make sure You have a reason to rejoice…

To rejoice in that I’ve learned some lessons from my past,
That I’ve stood the test of time at last,

And that my present I see as a gift from You
As every day I seek what You’ve have me to do.

And all this with a sense that time and eternity
Will go together to make me who You want me to be!