The Steeple Cross (Matthew 6:26)

The cross atop our steeple
Honors many special people
Parishioners, Pastors, and Missionaries alike,
Who walk by faith and not by sight.

People who believe in Jesus as Lord,
And praise His name in one accord,
Who know Christ died on the cross for them
And realize their salvation is up to Him…

Him who was born in humble glory,
Who perfectly lived out the Gospel story,
Who gave His life on Calvary’s tree,
And arose from the dead in victory!

So, the cross will remind us day by day
Of Jesus Christ who is the Way…
The way of salvation, now and forever,
For you, and me, and whosoever.

And the cross will also be a tribute…
To those down through the years who knew…
Who knew this church was God’s will for them…
Where they could serve and worship Him.

And another reason for the cross on our steeple
Is that it stands as a message to all the people,
That what they’ll find within our church…
Is more than just the Christ Child’s birth…

They’ll learn of Christ, God’s perfect Son,
And how He died as the Crucified One.
Then, in power Divine, He rose from the dead,
Proving the value of all He had said.

So, may all who see the cross on high
Discover it’s trying to draw them nigh…
Nigh to Christ who died for them,
Thus may they place their faith in Him!