The New Husband After The Wedding Night

Lord, I woke up a husband, for the first time, today,
And I realized my bachelor thoughts were fading away,

What will I do with a wife at my side?
Lord, what in the world will I do to get by?

I’ll tell you one thing I’ll always do,
I’ll tell her I love her, every day, its true.

And I’ll never get mad, never slam a door,
And I’ll always keep my clothes picked up off the floor.

I’ll never give my wife a reason to cry,
Except out of happiness as she sees me walk by.

She’ll count it a joy when I work late each night,
And if I forget our anniversary, there won’t be a fight.

For I’ll be the husband she always dreamed about,
Whether I mow the grass or not, she won’t care, no doubt

And even if the checkbook won’t balance again,
She’ll give me a kiss and say its no sin.

No matter what I do it will always be right,
And I’ll always be something of a hero in her sight.

Well, Lord, what do you think of how I’ve planned it to be.
Lord? Lord? Is that You I hear, is that You I see?

No, it’s my wife, shaking and waking me up it seems,
For all that I saw was only a dream!