The Man On The Cross After Jesus

As I made my way to Golgotha’s hill,
I knew I was there at the magistrate’s will,

For my crimes of sin had condemned me to die,
And I sensed that eternity was drawing nigh.

I watched as the soldiers took a man down,
Down off that cross where I’d soon be bound.

They said He was Jesus, the Nazarene,
Who claimed to be the King of kings.

I looked on His face as He was laid on the ground,
And my heart cried out with a silent sound.

Then, somehow, I knew what I had to do,
I repented of my sins and believed in Him too.

And even as they hung me on that cruel tree,
I knew I would not suffer for all eternity,

For I had met the One who died for me,
And in His death my eternal life I did see.

And as my blood mixed with His on that wooden cross,
I praised His dear name that I was no longer lost!