Our Pastor

God called this man a Pastor to be,
And He’s been there, faithfully, for you and me.

Behind the pulpit he takes his place,
And the passion for God’s Word we see on his face.

In his ministry these years many have been saved,
And through his careful teaching disciples are made.

He is there for us in times good and bad,
To share a smile or, with us, to be sad.

His concern for lost souls is easily seen,
And His love for the brethren is obviously keen.

Into the waters of Baptism he has taken us down,
And the message of Communion he often resounds.

He’s there to encourage a Missionary or Pastor-to-be,
With support and loyalty that is easy to see.

His Missionary zeal is very well known,
And in Mission Fields far and near it is shown.

He leads us in word and deed and example of life,
And our joy is doubled because of his wife;

Together they have prayed and ministered to us,
And revealed the virtues of obedience and trust.

His family has grown to love the Lord,
And each of them have been given “Jesus” to live for.

And as the grandchildren grow more and more,
They’re sure to learn what Grandpa stands for;

He stands for the “Book”, the “Blood”, and the “Blessed One”,
For Christ, his Savior, and God’s own Son,

For family, friends, and his precious flock,
And especially for His Savior, the Solid “Rock”.

Yes, our Pastor has been there, the race to run,
So, may we continue to follow him, ‘til in heaven, it’s all said and done!