No Tears Are Here

No tears are here!
On earth I sometimes missed loved ones dear,
And lived with loneliness and fleeting fear,
In heaven there are no tears that fall,
There is no sorrow, no none at all,
No tears are here!

No death is here!
Though dying was part of my mortal frame,
And I was sometimes sick and weak and lame,
In heaven now, I’m immortal, you see,
And from earth’s old body I now am free,
No death is here!

No night is here!
Though on earth the night came dark and chill,
And shadows every corner filled,
Heaven’s morning has come at last,
When all of time for me is past,
No night is here!

But, oh, Jesus is here!
The angels bore me to His side,
And with Him I shall forever abide,
Yes, He reached for me with nail-scarred hand,
To lead me through the Promised Land,
And, now, heaven is not just “dear” it’s also “near”,
For yes, indeed, my Jesus is here!