Led By Nail Scared Hands

I know my Jesus died for me,
And rose again my Lord to be.
He’s now my Life day by day.
He leads me down the narrow way.

By faith, I sense Him in my daily life,
Leading me through both blessing and strife.
And, when, in my pain, I question if He understands,
The answer is…I’m being led by nail scarred hands!

My Jesus has suffered more than I’ll ever know
And was tempted and tried so much so
That He can pick me up when I’m down and help me to stand,
For, you see, I’m being led by nail-scarred hands!

So, I can trust my Jesus through good and bad.
I know He’s leading whether I’m happy or sad.
And, when it seems the weight of the world I cannot withstand,
I can always remember…I’m being led by nail scarred hands!

And, when my Jesus calls me to my heavenly home,
I’ll no longer, this earth, wander and roam,
For He will meet at the gate of the Promised Land
And…I’ll be led through Paradise by nail scarred hands!