John 3:16

For God so loved the World,
All men and women, boys and girls,

That He offered up His only Son
To prove His plan of salvation was done.

And He calls upon “whoever” will
To cast off religion and accept what is real.

To escape the Hell where they would perish,
And trust in Christ as the Savior to cherish,

For everlasting life is God’s eternal plan
For those who receive Christ and take a stand.

My friend, do you know Christ in a personal way?
For through repentance and faith a believer is made!

Through the power of God has your life been changed?
And your attitudes, affections, and outlook rearranged?

For one must not be “religious”, but “right” with God
If in Heaven, on day, his feet are to trod.

So, take time to ponder John 3:16
So you’ll truly and personally know what it means!