Jesus’ Thanksgiving (Matthew 11:25)

I thank You, Father, for sending me
To those in need of Your will to see.

I thank You, Father, for my humble home,
Where together humanity and divinity became known.

And for the days of teaching and preaching,
For the joy on the faces of those we were reaching.

And, Oh Father, I thank You for Your sovereign plan,
Of touching only those who reach out their hand;

Who reach out their hand and heart in sincerity,
And not in mere religiosity.

Thank You, Father, for hiding truth from the “wise”,
For You know their words are but only a disguise.

And, Oh Father, I thank You for this one thing:
That only those who “come” have you willed to bring.

And, I thank You, too, that in heaven one day
The words “well done” I’ll be able to say;

Not that they willed or made it to be,
But that as their hearts were open, You, Oh Father,
You made them Your sovereign will to see!