Content To Stay

O Lord, this place is familiar to me,
For years You’ve kept me right here…to see…
To see the summer’s cool into fall
And winters melt into another spring thaw.

But, more than the weather You’ve made me to see;
I’ve learned what You really want me to be,
You’ve said to me, “Be content to stay!”
And, “Live for Me day by day!”

Though it seems life here has many refrains,
May I continue to sing forth again and again,
And when I tend to get restless and bothered,
Tis then I’ll sing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness, O God My Father!”

For You have ruled and overruled to keep me here,
And in Your providence I see something very dear,
I see a God Who guides my life,
Whether I have victory or whether I have strife.

May I ever be ready to take my place in Your will
Even if that means remaining “still”…
“Still” in a place very familiar to me…
But, oh, I take heart, for with me…is Thee!”