Christmas Reflections

This Christmas I ponder in deep reflection,
And the story of Jesus brings recollection.
For in the midst of this festive season,
There seems to be a Christ-like reason.

For in the lights of red and green,
The birth of Christ, our Light, can be seen.
In His reflection of the Father’s light
He redeems our blindness with spiritual sight.

Even our Christmas tree we trim with care
Reminds of Christ and the sins He bare,
For all the hell that was meant for me,
He took upon Himself and died on that tree.

No, the gifts we give can never compare
To God’s Gift of Life offered everyone, everywhere,
But may the gifts given at this time of year
Cause our reflections of Christ to be very dear;

And, then, one day in Heaven we’ll be,
The Christ of Christmas we’ll actually see.
And, we’ll experience life at the best it can be
With love and joy and peace for all eternity!