Brazil Missions Trip – Lessons Learned

Our Team’s departure time finally came,
We laughed and said, “Brazil will never be the same!”

And as we began our journey to that distant land,
We prayed together hand in hand.

And through all the delays, the devotions, the dust, and the duties done,
We knew we were there to serve Jesus, God’s Son.

What we didn’t know and soon learned so well,
Was that, when we worked as a Team, you could really tell.

You could tell that the job got done much better,
And the lesson we were learning was to work together.

And, when our Team’s arrival back home finally came,
We still laughed and said, “Brazil will never be the same!”

But, we also knew that we, too, would never be the same, it would seem,
Because, though we left as individuals, we came back as a Team.

So, may God help us all to apply this lesson to each life,
When our relationships with others bounce from blessing to strife.

For, when we work together as a Team,
God can rescue, reconcile, and redeem.

Redeem our relations with family and friends,
From selfishness, divisiveness, and even sin.

So, since, like mission trips, life is too short to miss God’s best,
Lets allow teamwork to bring shared harmony, shared peace, and shared rest!