As I Lay Upon This Sick Bed

As I lay upon this sick bed
With thoughts that bring me death-dred,

I comfort myself in Christ my Lord,
And refuse to be frightened anymore.

I have prayed for this illness to go away,
But I’m willing to take what God doth say.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

And with this song ringing in my ear,
The truth therein becomes very dear.

For my Jesus died on the cross for me,
And in Him my eternal hope I see.

Through His resurrection comes everlasting day,
In that He is the Life, the Truth, the Way.

It’s a blessed assurance to be in His fold,
Since I embraced the Gospel truth that was told.

Now I know that heaven truly awaits,
And all I need do is cross through the gates.

My loved ones will be hard to leave behind,
But I’ll finally be entering that “home” of mine.

And while in paradise beyond the sky,
I pray that everyone will realize why;

Because of grace through faith in God
Is why I hope beyond this sod.

Because of what Jesus has done for all
There is hope for everyone if they will but call;

Call upon the Lord and you will be saved,
And you’ll have that peace you’ve always craved.

You’ll know where you came from, the now, and the then,
And you’ll forever be free from the penalty of sin.

And together, one day, we’ll walk down Golden Street
On our way to the Throne-room, your Savior to meet.

Until then, carry on, and carry this Word:
“My grace is sufficient”, haven’t you heard.

If ever I loved Thee, My Jesus Tis Now,
For it’s in Thy very presence I worship and bow!