As Another New Year Dawns Upon Me

As another New Year dawns upon me
The light reveals what I don’t want to see.
It shines into my life of self and shame,
It exposes many sins that have stayed the same.

And, though I try to see the good times I’ve had,
The eyes of my conscience make me sad,
For I’ve spent another year in a worldly way,
Not caring what Jesus might think or say.

I’ve settled for less and ignored what is best.
I’ve forgotten what it is to be spiritually blest.
I’ve sought after finances, friendship, and fun,
But my faith and my fellowship have been left undone.

My faith in Jesus seems to be a thing of the past,
As my intentions of fellowship don’t seem to last.
I’ve intended to honor Him, as well as His day,
“But I’ve got a busy life! What can I say!”

Well, as I think about it, I could say, “Lord, I repent!”
“Lord, I resolve to go beyond artificial intent!”
For I know in my heart that “faith without works is dead”,
And it’s more about what is “done”, not just what is “said”.

So, as another New Year dawns upon me,
Lord, may I see a difference in the life I lead.
May this New Year reveal a genuine change,
As I give You my life for You to rearrange.

For I know, deep down, that if I do Your will,
You’ll meet my “needs” and even some “wants” fulfill.
So, Lord, I promise to seek You and do what’s right,
And to start walking by faith and not by sight!