A Certain Man

Within that first Nativity, there was a certain man,
A man who was not the father, but still was in God’s plan.
The plan to see the Christ Child brought forth upon the earth,
The plan to offer each human being forgiveness and rebirth.

This certain man was Joseph, a simple carpenter,
Who’s hands were used to holding an ancient saw and miter.
But now he holds a baby, a boy who will change it all,
The One Who will offer salvation from humanity’s sinful fall,

Although he surely felt he was unworthy for the task,
This certain man was willing to do what God did ask.
To care for One he knew was perfect in every way,
Yet also knowing, indeed, he had a role to play.

So Joseph cared for Jesus as the years passed by and by,
Knowing that He was special, but not knowing exactly why.
He knew that God was His Father, but wondered what that really meant.
And as this boy grew into a man, Joseph realized that He was Heaven-sent.

Sent from Heaven on a mission of mercy to save the lost from sin and shame,
To declare the Gospel to everyone, to touch and heal the sick and lame.
To die upon a cross for sins that were not His own,
To raise up from the dead so salvation could be known.

Known by “whosoever will”, the rich, the poor, the strong, the weak,
The young, the old, the mighty, the meek.
And, indeed, also known by that certain man
Who so many years before in the Nativity held that blessed Baby’s hand!